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How Secure Your Cycle Can Change Your Life
Text Notifications

Once your bike has been successfully booked, you will get a text notification from our website, allowing you to see all reservations on the go.

Easy to Use

All you have to do is provide us the time of the class you want to attend, and your username/password. It is that simple

We reserve the bike for you

No more sitting at your computer clicking refresh! We can book any soul cycle bike for you

What is secure your cycle?

We can Reserve a bike to any soul cycle class

Secure your cycle is a concierge service designed to make your life easier. No longer will you have to spend your lunch hour every Monday attempting to reserve a SoulCycle bike. With Secure your Cycle, all you have to do is select the class you want to attend and we reserve it for you. It is that easy! Once the class is reserved, you receive a text message and the next time you visit the SoulCycle website, the class is in your account. Get the hottest classes at the most exclusive SoulCycle locations with Secure Your Cycle. After all, working out should be the hard part of going to Soul Cycle, not booking the class

  • Success Rate

    Our service ensures that the you will reserve your soul cycle bike or we refund our fee.

  • Frustration Alleviated

    Working out should be the hard part, not reserving the class.

  • Satisfied Cyclists

    With Secure Your Cycle, you are guaranteed a bike or your money back. Focus on your work out, not getting into the class.

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We have 4 friendly packages for you. Check all the packages and choose the right one for you.

Secure Your Cycle Starter

Get a Soul Cycle Bike any time


  • Text Notfications
  • Reserve up to 5 Bikes a Week
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Extreme Cyclist

Reserve a bike for yourself and your friends


  • Text Notifications
  • Reserve up to 15 bikes a week
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Secure Your Cycle Fanatic

A full year subscription


  • Text Notifications
  • Reserve up to 30 bikes a week
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